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Japan is celebrating the start of the Obon Festival this week. It’s some sort of a week-long holiday that’s celebrated all over Japan. So, naturally, it’s expected Japanese establishments to be open for business this week.

However, IBC Japan, a global exporter of used cars, will be open for business throughout the Obon festival. Furthermore, they’re offering special offers for their customers, an exclusive treat in light of Obon Week.

In previous years, IBC doesn’t normally operate during Obon but its customers worldwide will be delighted to know that this week, they’ll still have access to the quality pre-owned vehicles that they’ve come to expect in any other week. And that does not only apply to IBC inventory. Customers can bid in auctions too although the number of auctions held during the week will be limited.

Nevertheless, customers can expect the IBC sales support team to be available full force throughout Obon Week. As always, account managers are ready to negotiate the prices of used cars from the IBC inventory, even including those whose prices have been previously marked down.

Of special note is their Buy More Save More rewards program which is becoming popular especially with customers who are used car dealers. It’s a system that appoints credit points for IBC buyers so the more these customers buy used vehicles, the more they’ll save by earning credit points. They can then use these credit points on future purchases from IBC.

You can reach our 24/7 Sales and Services Center from Japan at +81 75 622 5091. Our friendly English-speaking staff will take your call and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

For general inquiries, requests, and suggestions, you can also email us directly at csc@ibcjapan.co.jp. All emails will be attended to immediately.