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IBC Japan continues to provide better options for its customers by continuing to expand the scope of its pre-purchased inventory. Originally just a supplier of export-quality vehicles from Japan, IBC currently offers units from other sources such as the United Kingdom (UK), Singapore and Thailand. As always, all of the vehicles in their inventory undergo strict inspection procedures. If there are any defects or flaws, they are meticulously photographed and noted on the vehicle’s checklist as seen on IBC’s website.
purchase used cars
Used Cars from Japan. IBC offers quality Japanese used cars that are read to ship to any destination in the world. Each vehicle is supported by certifications and background checks and presented with its individual condition grade. Of course, customers can enjoy the same 24/7 customer service and sales support that they’ve come to expect.

Pre-Owned Vehicles from the UK. Popular European makes and models like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Porsche and many others are available from IBC UK. One can also find a variety of diesel units ranging from passenger and sedans to SUVs and commercial vehicles that are not currently available in Japan.

High-Spec Cars from Singapore. IBC Singapore offers to a wide range of units that feature higher specifications such as luxury cars that come with leather interiors. These high-standard specs are not normally available in stocks from Japan. All of these top-quality vehicles are procured from major Singapore auctions and range from original right hand drive SUVs to sedans, from compact to sports cars.

Brand New and Used Cars from Thailand. IBC Thailand offers plenty of vehicles fresh from the major vehicle manufacturers. One can find popular makes and models like Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Honda Accord, Honda Civic and more.

IBC offers these vehicles at fairly competitive and negotiable prices. All units are accessible online through their website and new inventory is purchased each week so more fresh units are coming in all the time.