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Signing up for an IBC Japan account is as easy as setting up an email account and it is absolutely free. You just need to go to the IBC Sign Up page and fill in the necessary information. Once you’re finished, review and just click Submit. You will then receive a confirmation email from the IBC staff and you can instantly start browsing through website.

Used Cars IBC Japan


You get to choose from a wide range of export-quality used cars available from our online inventory. IBC designed its website so that you can easily and quickly search for pre-owned vehicles according to make, model, price, year, mileage or color. Or you can browse through the vehicles available in auctions and submit your bid offers with the help of the IBC staff.


IBC wants to provide the best prices for its customers and their sales and customer support is always available 24/7 to help negotiate the pricing of the units on sale. You can directly chat with the staff through IBC chat or through email or Skype. Once you’ve close a deal, IBC offers you secure and convenient payment options and will coordinate with you throughout the entire ordering process.


Vehicles are shipped to the desired port of destination once you make the down payment. Of course, the used vehicle will undergo strict inspections before boarding the vessel. While the purchased vehicle is in transit, the IBC staff will continue to update you on its delivery status. As soon as you complete full payment, they will send the official documents to you or your designated consignee to make sure the vehicle you buy will be released immediately once it lands at the port of destination.

About IBC Japan:

IBC Japan is a world leader in the vehicle export industry, specializing in the development and implementation of vehicle procurement, export management, and customer service technology.

Contact Information:
IBC Japan (Head Office)
Address: 64 Miyanomae-cho, Nakajima, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto Japan
Phone: +81 75 622 5091 (English)
+81 75 622 5090 (Japanese)
Fax: +81 75 622 2400
Email: csc@ibcjapan.co.jp
Website: www.ibcjapan.co.jp