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Here are a few guidelines the I have gathered around the Internet in buying your first car:

  • Go for a pre-owned car. A brand new car decreases in value right after you buy it and it will continue to decrease in value over time. The biggest amount of depreciation takes place in the first 2-3 years of a car’s life. You will avoid losing as much money by buying a two or three year old car. Just make sure to check the warranty as you may need it later. Lastly, choose a reliable used car dealer.
  • Do you research. Visit different car review websites to determine which vehicle is suited for you. Make sure to choose cars which are safe, fuel efficient, and reliable. You can also ask your friends or family members.
  • Test drive. Always do a test drive. Get the feel of the vehicle that you chose. Test its acceleration, brakes and all the basics.
  • Fuel vs Travel Distance. If you are into long journeys the Diesel is the fuel for you. Otherwise, choose petrol.
  • Take your time. Be patient and wait for the right car for you. Don’t settle with the first car you found. Make sure everything fits you.

Those are just few things to remember. You can refer to the infographic below for other tips.