IBC Japan is offering you one last chance to purchase year 2000 Japan used cars and save!

Japan Used Cars - IBC Japan

After December, customers in Kenya can only import 2001 or newer models, which means the cost of purchasing will be higher.

You can still import at year 2000 prices from our inventory as long as we have received your deposit by November 20. We can only do JAAI inspections until November 30 but shipping space is confirmed to deliver the vehicle in time to submit customs paperwork in time. All paperwork for shipments will be sent by the 15th of December — in some cases the vehicles may arrive shortly after the beginning of January 2008 but our understanding is that this is not a problem as long as the customs lodgment is made by the end of December 2007.

Now is the time! Grab these used vehicles now and make sure they’re on a boat to Kenya before the end of 2007!

Thank you for choosing us for your vehicle needs. We value your business and we are always ready to assist you 24/7.

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