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Take advantage of the depressed Japanese market and beat the current downturn!!

IBC Japan Used Cars New Terms Lower Your Currency Risk

There is no better time than now to buy quality used cars from Japan. The market in Japan is offering used vehicles at prices never seen before!!

IBC Japan makes it easier and we give you the option of taking the risk out of the currency component of your business!

Buy from IBC Japan using one of the following options:

  • Buy in yen (FOB) and pay the Ocean Freight and Services (OFS) in NZD.
  • Buy in NZD including Vehicle Cost, FOB and OFS – all in New Zealand Dollars.
  1. Ocean Freight
  2. Maritime Insurance
  3. MAF Cleaning
  4. MAF & LTSA Fees
  5. Odometer Inspection
  6. Customs Clearance Charges
  7. Port Service Charge
  8. Transport to your yard

Your Option Your Choice – Choose Your Terms

Option Name Description
Split Currency Pay the Vehicle Cost and FOB Fees in Yen, the OFS Fees in NZD
NZD Currency Pay the Vehicle Cost, FOB Fees, and OFS Fees in NZD

The JPY/NZD rates are updated as the FOREX market adjusts itself – the rate used is published before you buy allowing you to lock in the rates.

Lock in Compliance Costs at only $850 – Use ‘Import Plus’

‘Import Plus’ allows you to lock your compliance costs in as well – no surprises at the compliance shop! Compliance also includes repair certs & tyres all for only NZD $850 – including Euros. All compliance is administered by AutoTerminal New Zealand in cooperation with AANZ as the TSDA agent. Other AANZ services are also offered at a discount if the compliance is done at AutoTerminal New Zealand Vehicles purchased for this program from IBC must be grade 3.5 or better at auction and without any known or quoted structural or other damage. If there is pre-existing damage there may be extra compliance costs required.

Rates by City/Region

Auckland ¥80,000 $1,450
Whangarei ¥80,000 $1,525
Tauranga ¥80,000 $1,500
Hamilton ¥80,000 $1,525
Whakatane ¥80,000 $1,550
Rotorua ¥80,000 $1,550
Taupo ¥80,000 $1,600
Napier ¥80,000 $1,450
Waipukurau ¥80,000 $1,525
Greytown ¥80,000 $1,525
Greytown ¥80,000 $1,525
Masterton ¥80,000 $1,525
Wellington ¥80,000 $1,450
Palmerston North ¥80,000 $1,550
Wanganui ¥80,000 $1,600
Hawera ¥80,000 $1,650
New Plymouth ¥80,000 $1,650
Nelson ¥80,000 $1,450
Christchurch ¥80,000 $1,450
Rangiora ¥80,000 $1,500
Ashburton ¥80,000 $1,525
Timaru ¥80,000 $1,500
Dunedin ¥80,000 $1,550
Mosgiel ¥80,000 $1,550
Blaclutha ¥80,000 $1,650
Gore ¥80,000 $1,675
Invercargill ¥80,000 $1,725

Please login to our website at http://www.ibcjapan.co.jp and confirm your city settings. If needed, update your city under My Account/Preferences menu or contact our Customer Service Center (CSC) for assistance. Depending on the region there may be a nominal increase in the transport cost but we’ll confirm the difference when your city is updated.

All rates are based on standard vehicles that are less than 20m3 in size. Vehicles larger than 20m3, or non-standard cargo; i.e. larger trucks, buses, construction equipment etc., needs to be quoted on a case by case basis prior to confirmation.

If you have any questions please contact one of your assigned Account Managers via email or live chat (www.ibcjapan.co.jp), or email our Customer Service Center at IBCsales@ibcjapan.co.jp. You may also contact us via Skype or our Customer Service hotline in NZ 09 257 4083 or in Japan at +81 75 622 5091.
We are ready and waiting to assist you with all of your requirements – please contact us anytime 24/7 at your convenience!
IBC Sales & Services

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Phone: +81 75 622 5091 (English)
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