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Dear Customers:

IBC offers preferred terms and services from the moment you qualify as a ‘Partner’ with us. We have just launched IBC Partner First and we want you to enjoy the privileges of this program and take advantage of what we have to offer you!

Partnership Privileges IBC Japan
The privileges of partnership are:

  • Lower deposit requirements for shipping. Enjoy more flexible terms that will allow you to stretch your money further. Click here to learn more.
  • When you qualify as an IBC Platinum, Gold or Silver Partner, your inquiry will be routed to IBC staff specially trained to handle your needs and provide you with VIP service. These services include sales, accounting, purchasing, pricing, shipping and logistics support – all of the services you’ve enjoyed to date but enhanced for your benefit.
  • IBC Premium and Plus Partners also receive special benefits and services.
  • IBC Partner First membership cards, materials and promotional giveaways!

Depending on the volume of vehicles you purchase, you will qualify for any of the following categories:

IBC Platinum Partner 26 or more units per month
IBC Gold Partner 16 to 25 units per month
IBC Silver Partner 11 to 15 units per month
IBC Premium Partner 6 to 10 units per month
IBC Plus Partner 1 to 5 units per month
*Units per month are based on an average of vehicles confirmed and approved
for shipping after the deposit for shipping has been received.

Contact us now and enjoy the benefits of partnership with IBC’s Partner First program!

Visit our website here.

If you would like to know more about IBC Partner First, you can click here or contact your account manager. You can also email us at IBCsales@ibcjapan.co.jp or call our IBC Partner Hotline at +81 75 6225081. Thank you for choosing us for your used vehicle importing needs!


IBC Sales & Services

Address: 64 Miyanomae-cho, Nakajima, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto Japan
Phone: +81 75 622 5091 (English)
+81 75 622 5090 (Japanese)
Fax: +81 75 622 2400